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Sticker Decals by Mythimorph

Thank you so much for purchasing a vinyl sticker!

Please review this short video about applying decals
(Seriously handy to use the masking tape method!)

Some notes:

-The clear transfer sheet is meant to stick just enough¬† to lift the vinyl from the backing sheet, but not too¬† sticky where the vinyl doesn’t want to come off the clear sheet/won’t transfer to the new surface you want it to be applied do. It’s MUCH better for it to have some trouble sticking to the clear sheet initially than the opposite problem of not coming off… actually kind of a good thing.

-Sometimes the blade cuts a little bit deep into the paper, making it a bit harder for the vinyl to want to leave the backing paper. But it’s also better the blade cuts a bit deeper than cutting too shallow, not cutting all the way through the material.


If you are having trouble getting the sticker to come off the backing paper and stick to the clear transfer sheet, try these steps:

1. Take a credit card or similar thin, hard plastic material and rub over the entire front of design with a good bit of force
2. Flip the decal over and do the same to the backside
3. Keeping the design flat on the table (and still upside-down), carefully separate the two sheet halves from a corner and start to peel the backer paper away, leaving the clear sheet flat against the table.

(You don’t have to pull away the whole backing, just enough to help release some problem areas when you line it up for the final application. It is often easier to remove the backer paper from the clear sheet, than it is trying to peel the clear sheet away from the backing paper, if that makes sense.)

4. Go slowly; if you notice the vinyl not sticking to the clear transfer sheet in an area, press and rub hard in that area with the card or your fingernail and try to peel it back again. You can often also help release it with your fingernail to encourage it to come off but be careful not to shift the vinyl out of position. It’s also easier to encourage the peeling at larger/thicker sections of the design, as they often encourage the skinnier areas to follow if they are attached together.

5. Apply to the new surface and rub it down well before attempting to peel the clear transfer away.